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The exotic lagoon of Balos


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Balos - Gramvousa


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Inside the bay of Kissamos, there are other “diamonds” that you won’t find in your travel guides. Beaches of exceptional beauty, far from the hordes of tourists. Feel free to ask us!


The famous lagoon of Chania! Balos beach is famous for its magnificent shades of water, making it one of the most unique places to visit in Crete.


The north-western tip of the Crete is occupied by an elongated peninsula of wild natural beauty, the peninsula of Gramvousa. We give you the opportunity to live a great experience by making the trip around the peninsula.



Balos Lagoon

Explore the bluest waters of Crete, be enchanted by the incomparable beauty of the natural landscape that the route offers.

Indulge in the sound of waves. This is Balos Lagoon and Promises you the most dreamy route.

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Our Boat

Balos Lagoon

is a speedboat of 10.5 meters with sun and air protection, that it will introduce you to some of the most beautiful and iconic places in Kissamos.

Covid - 19

We would like to assure you that Balos Lagoon has taken all the appropriate measurements according to the Greek Minister of Health.